Dec. 2019 Update

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Hi Ancient History buffs

Hope you enjoyed reading ‘Xiphos‘ as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Have been a while getting started but have one third finished the sequel.

The sequel is called ‘People of the Sea’ and it answers a lot of questions left open in ‘Xiphos‘.

‘The Sea People’ (as historians called them) ruled the waves in the Late Bronze Age but left no written records themselves. Luckily the 19th & 20th Dynasty pharaohs recorded their exploits on mortuary stele at Karnak. The new historical novel follows the exploits of Kikera, the son of a Sea People chief, as they over run the Mediterranean in LBA. The antagonists in ‘Xiphos’ become the good guys in ‘People of the Sea.’

As the protagonist ‘Kikera‘ could not read or write, he had to dictate the whole story to Herwernef, a scribe to Ramesses III, a marathon task!

CU at the Nile Delta!

Cheers Bruce